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In 1999 I got WEBTV. I was amazed at what this invention could do. I joined some groups and met some great people on the web. Eventually I was able to do my own websites with the help of some very patient and knowledgeable fellow webbers. It has been a great adventure in achieving things I thought I could never do.

Got a gift of a used computer in 2001 and I must admit it was a bigger challenge than I ever thought it would be. I taught myself how to do many things through lots of trial and error. Found that I outgrew the webtv so gave that up. I have bought many computers since then but have stayed with hewlett packard. I find they are the best. I have a all in one with windows 10 and a laptop with windows 7 and another desktop. I also enjoy two tablets I have and a cell phone that is android.

My WebTV & Computer


In December, 2004 I started my own on-line conversation group at yahoo groups called ChitChatLadies.

I had no idea how this would work out. I always wanted a group to ChitChat with other women with little or no real restrictions. I couldn't find this on the web so I decided to create my own group. We ChitChat about anything, (except politics and religion) including health issues, family, our concerns etc.
We also play Trivia. I have made and maintain numerous webpages and awards for the group.

It has worked out better than I ever anticipated. At one point there were 50+ members.


ChitChatLadies has merged with WebvilleLadies in 2014. My good friend LindaW and myself are co-owners. I think this was a great move and am enjoying all the wonderful ladies and our talks. We chat about the same things that chitchatladies did and the same rules. We moved the group from yahoo now to IO Groups. It has been wonderful there.

If you want to join click on the banner below.

Webville Ladies


I recently became co owner of this great group calleld NetJunkies. The group shares poems, writings, graphics, tags, recipes, jokes,
games, webpages etc. No politics. I am really enjoying this group. This group is also at IO Groups.

If you want to join click on the banner below.

NetJunkies Group